Need help with blueprints: pickup/drop objects, event tick...

Hi everyone! First of all, sorry for my english, is not my native language.

I’m doing a mini escape room with UE4 for VR on mobile phones, for Cardboard.
I have achieved to move forward (where you are watching) when you press a button, and you have a body with animation in the VR. I have achieved too change the color of a box when you look at this one.

All of this is working fully. But i have a problem:

I want to pick up and drop objects with physics but i followed 3 or 4 tutorials and all of them use the “Event tick” (Evento Marcar in spanish) and im using this function on the “movement” blueprint.

Here you can see, “Evento marcar”=“Event tick”

My questions are:

¿Can i replace the “Event tick” for another function which could do the same purpose?
¿There are any blueprint to pickup/drop objects that does not use “Event tick”?
¿There are any blueprint to pickup/drop only a specific object?

Here i leave the rest of the blueprints im using:

Thanks in advance! Im totally noob with this.