Need help with blueprinting animations.

Hello UE4 Community! I JUST started to use Unreal Engine 4! And I’m having a couple problems at the moment, please take a look and help me find a solution?

*Trouble implementing attacking. Have an Animation set to LMB but I’m able to Spam the animation.

*Trouble implementing Jumping. Yeah, I know jumping usually comes with the Character Blueprints but for some reason an animation wasn’t playing, so I’m trying to do that, but can’t.

*Have a movement thingy where you start walking and progressively get faster as you go. It works like this, Hold Left shift and you start to run, but if you let go of Left Shift your speed decreases till you walk again, but when I first launch to test I can run around full speed until I press shift, then the Blueprint comes into effect.

Image One:

Image Two:

Do you think you guys can help? I’d be very very appreciative, Thanks for your time :smiley:

  1. use a “do once” node and reset it when the animation has finished (either you do that with a delay or with the montage is playing node)
  2. In your character bp, just set a bool variable. After that play the jump animation in your animation blueprint - anim graph in a state machine.

I personally would recommend you to always play your animations in the animation blueprint instead of the character bp + use montages for the attack animation to have a better control over the animations :slight_smile:

Thank you! :smiley: I appreciate it