Need help with basic interactive HUD


I need some help with adding interactivity in my UE project. The goal is to make the player able to interact with certain “story” objects by pressing the E key on their keyboard when inside the trigger box of that object, which would display a UI/HUD in form of a text box (giving context/lore to the story of the object). The HUD would disappear once the player presses the E key again or leaves the trigger box. How do I go about doing this?

So far I have been able to set up the interact system with Matinee actors. Once inside the trigger box of a door the player can press E to play the sequence, opening the door until the animation is reversed by the same type of action. I’ll put some screenshots to show what I have and would like to use for the story objects as well. Although I’m open for any solution you may have. I’m sure there must be a way to connect the same type of interactivity to the display of a text box in form of a UI/HUD actor. I’m using the first person template if that makes any difference.

Create a *DataTable *that holds the lore (image, text, VO, anything else you need) with a meaningful identifier for the *RowName *- it can be just an index but it might get confusing. Have each story object hold the above-mentioned identifier as a name variable.

In the object doing the interaction, create a widget (you just need one, its content can be updated on the fly). Have a *CustomEvent *inside responsible for updating the text fields, images and so on.

Upon interaction, as seen in you screenshot, the *OtherActor *can be cast to the *LoreObject *retrieving its *RowName *variable which, in turn, can fetch info from the *DataTable and update the previously created widget’s fields via its CustomEvent. *

Use the *FlipFlop *to Hide / Show the widget the same way you play the matinee.