Need help with automatic doors open

I tried to make the door automatically open according to the trigger. According to the instructions from

But I encountered a problem at the stage Go back to the Event Graph, connect the Driver output from Timeline to the Alpha Lerp (vector) input. I can not connect. He writes that it is impossible to connect an exeс with a boolean

Can you help me to solve this?

I’m guessing that you’re connecting either the “Update” or “Finished” execution pins of the timeline to the Lerp Alpha. Instead, try connecting the green Driver output to the Alpha.

I tried to connect green Driver output

Alright, cool. Could you post a screenshot of the execution flow from the Timeline to the next node? That would make it easier to figure out what’s causing the issue.

I’ll post a screenshot in the evening

This is it

I figured it out myself. Just wrong timelapse infused. Tell me more, how to add the opening sound here?