Need help with attachments to socket on makehuman model

Hi! I have a problem, when I try to attach anything to my “weapon” socket nothing happens in the skeleton preview window, and I’ve made so that my level blueprint should find the socket and attach a skeletal mesh to it but instead it gets attached to the root of it, like this:

Here’s my blueprint:

As it doesn’t even work in the preview window i get a feeling its not the blueprint that is failing. Maybe it’s the | symbols in the bone hierarchy that makes it so that the socket cant be found.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance!

EDIT: i tried previewing both the standard first person and third person with a socket and a static mesh attached to them in the skeleton window, didnt work either.

There’s a known issue with the static mesh attached to a socket not being visible in the preview window which has been reported and will be fixed in a near future release of the engine.