Need help with animating while character is moving :((((

okay i have a big problem, you see i need my character to be able to hold a energy ball while standing still, walking and running wich i can easily do by settings the animation group to upper tho i dont want him to be able to also punch while moving or kick while moving, please if anyone can help me im so stuck :frowning:

Put a boolean in your animation blueprint/state to check if the character is holding the energy ball.

i do not understand? my problem is if i have the animation blueprint to recognise from spine0 then ounches work while moving but look weird and the ki attack looks good bevause its set to upperbody but if i change from upper body back to default then ounches look good but ki blast looks bad or wont work. anyway u can help? maybe screenshot a blueprint for me please??

anybody??? please ile pay if you can help me with this

dw i figured it out on my own like always