Need help with aiming

I am using the idle rifle ironsights from the anim starter pack from epic games and the animation is blending in with the idle animation, does anybody know how to disable the idle animation from the animation so that the gun won’t fire weirdly?

Thank you

Duplicate the idle animation and cut everything but the 1st frame out of it. Use this animation for the top of your body when you shoot aim or whtever.

How do I use my duplicated animation for the top of my body?

With a “Layerd blend per bone” Node in the AnimGraph of your AnimationBlueprint.

Connect the “moving” Animation with the “base pose” pin and your duplicated one with the “blend poses 0”. Blend Weights should be “1” for the full effect.
Dont Forget do specifiy the bone, that seperates the normal Animation with your duplicated one (LayerSetup -> 0 -> Branch Filter (Add one element) -> Bone Name (specify it here))
If you are using the Default epic Mannequin, i suppose you should use the bone “spine_01” or “spine_02”.