Need Help With ADS Hide Third Person Weapon

So my issue is that when I aim down sights it switches to a different camera where I have separate arms and a weapon function to handle aiming down sights and what not. For some reason when I ads and set the third person weapon to owner no see I can still see it when I aim down sights. I also have owner no see enabled on the third person character and he works just fine. Ill post some pictures let me know what you guys think could be the problem. Any help would be great!

Have you double checked to make sure the weapon has it’s owner set?


I wrote it like this but it still doesn’t want to work. Im sure I am doing this wrong. Maybe I need to hide each weapon individually…I was hoping to do it with the base weapon so that It would hide the mesh regardless of the weapon type.

Can you not set the Actor to “owner no see”?
You could try adding a function to the weapon that would handle setting the visibility states for the meshes.

A possible workaround would be to set the mesh to invisibly locally, But that visibility state may replicate to the other clients.


Set the actor for your gun inside your character as the owner, and do the same for any other components inside that gun actor, using the Set Owner node.