Need help with a texture (plant leaf) that needs a transparent background

Im trying to make a leaf for a plant and I have spent so many hours trying to figure it out by just tinkering or looking at a material that was for a vanilla leaf, and i have tried to find it in a tutorial with no luck. i tried to use blender to make the whole plant i got the background for the leaf to be transparent on the blender version but when I import it to the dev kit it doesn’t keep the materials I made. I would prefer to do it all in the dev kit if possible blender is a pain to me. if you can help it would help ALOT.

I figured it out i found a youtube video that explained it
if anyone else is running into this here is the video that helped me:

-go into the material
-change blend mode to masked
-make sure two sided is checked if its a leaf or something simalar
-make a black and white version of the leaf with what you want to be your leaf as the white and the background black
-wire the black and white version to opacity mask
-if its backwards then right click the graph in your material and type oneminus in the search and put that between your B&W image and your opacity mask
-save and enjoy

You can more easily do it if your texture has an alpha channel, then you just take your bottom node output into the Alpha Mask like this: Screenshot - 2fcb5fc360b1b599629cb8c78b843840 - Gyazo