Need help with a function to call HTML pages

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I’ve been using Unity for over a decade and for the past 5 to 6 years every single project I have worked on has relied heavily on a single function. I am trying to move over to Unreal but without this single function everything I plan on doing is killed immediately… yet I simply cannot figure out how to create this function for the UE4 engine. I’m going to paste a simple Unity example below. All I am asking for is for someone to show me how to do the same in UE4, please!

Talent Required:
C++ Programmer to convert the following for use in UE4 (C++ or Blueprints or both, doesn’t matter, just need something that works). The full function is a lot bigger than this but the rest I can handle myself, I just need help with getting this to work (supporting HTTP and HTTPS):

public enum EContactType {GET, POST}
IEnumerator ContactServer(string url, Dictionary<string, string> fields, EContactType t, System.Action<string> OnSuccess, System.Action<string> OnError)
    WWWForm data = new WWWForm();
    if (t == EContactType.POST)
      foreach(var KVP in fields)
         data.Add(KVP.Key, KVP.value);
    } else
      string f = string.Empty;
      foreach(var KVP in fields)
         f += $"&{KVP.Key}={KVP.Value}";
      if (f.Length > 0)
         f = "?" + f.SubString(1);
         url = url + f;
   WWW w = new WWW(url, data);
   yield return w;
   if (w.error != string.Empty)

I would be most grateful for any assistance! If you are willing to create a UE4 version for me but only if it’s a paid task, please tell me how much you would charge me for this. Like I said, this single function is all that stands between me moving to UE4 or me staying with Unity so I would be very, very grateful for some help!


U need rest api.
google about ue4s varest plaugin

Oh Wow, VARest seems like exactly the tool I needed! Thank you very much for pointing this out to me!!!