Need help with 3rd Year College FINAL PROJECT


I’m currently working on my 3rd year college final project, and i have a concept that I want to make it into a game.

The Concept -
It is basic level based first person shooter. The main feature of the game is each level has it own music and what it dose is each level moves according to that level specific music, kinda like a 3D Music Visualizer where the floor in moving according to the beat of the song. The player completes the each level by killing all the enemies (Basic Stuff).

What I Need Help With
I wanted to know if this feature can be achieved through using only Blueprints and no C++ and if possible how do I do this using Visual Scripting.

Any help will be greatly appreciated due to the importance of this to me

That’s a bit complex, but here’s how I would execute it:

Load in your instruments as audio snippets. Maybe even go as far as getting the notes individually, I don’t know if UE got audio tuning.

Generate your floor - individual cubes.

Then to each of them, add an event that bumps them up, and have that event play the note needed.

Then get your level blueprint, make it dispatch events to your floor, and then use the level blueprint as a DAW sequencer.

How do i generate floor using individual cubes ( I’m kinda of a noob)

That project gameplay is your idea or teacher idea?
Because making level change according to music is not trivial.

For spectrum visualiser you can use plugin.
Then you need to see how that plugin can communicate with blueprints.
Then use those messages to change level.

plugin is there:

There is a free sound visualizer plugin here:

But be aware that what you’re trying to do is pretty complex for someone who is “kind of a noob”.

It is my idea, after concept presentation only I realized the weight I put on my own head

I know, I realized this after the concept presentation.

Ok, this is how i would tackle your project:

  1. get plugin that can analyze music spectrum. Either paid or free, do not try to write such code, it will take more time than you have for whole project, you need to cut corners, a lot.
  2. Install that plugin, see how it can communicate with blueprints.
  3. Do basic light actor that can pulse with music, or change color, something very simple that reacts to music.
  4. create STATIC level, just make some level that looks ok. Again if you can spend some $$$, dungeon architect is great time saver for you here.
  5. put that light actor in few places
  6. if you have time left make next actor reacting to music, one that is more advanced than pulsing light, some moving bar, or mesh with vertex animation. But do not waste time on very advanced ideas, go for what is easiest to do.
    then repeat last steps, add more types of actors, and more of them.

I think for such school project you need to demonstrate functionality, and that you can do such things, if whole game is playable or not so much probably does not matter. OR matters much less than fact that you have something working or nothing at all.

I downloaded the eXi’s Sound Visualization Plugin 4.12 Sound Test Map to check it out and I placed a .ogg file in the songs folder, but it is not showing up in the sound list when play it in the viewport. Am I doing something wrong ?