[NEED HELP] WIP Prison Door, not rendering normal map in 3ds max, images inside

Hello all, i have a work in progress for a game in development, and i have the unfortate problem of baking only a diffuse map when i try to bake a normal in 3ds Max 2016… i followed a youtube tutorial however his version nis likely 2010 which i have used before but i cannot get 2016 to render a baked normals map.

Her are images of my work:

and a render of the high-poly door in skylight:

i followed this tutorial: (3ds Max) Normal Map Baking Tutorial - YouTube

As you can see it’s very simple, i unwrapped my low poly completely, added a projection and picked the high poly, adjusted the cage, and followed every detail of the tutorial however i cannot get a normals render, only diffuse, even though my settings appear to be all-set:

Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks!

the problem has almost been resolved… the normal map shows a diffuse surface but works in the bump slot of amterial as a normal map, however it is seriously distorted, so i am electing to render the Skylit render of the model itself without a diffuse, just a production render will be used, and i will photoshop the diffuse with a copy to paint the normal greyscale height map for use in CrazyBump… Sorry i can’t take the time to wait for possible help, the cage distrots as i psuh it and with very little push on the cage there are no details.

Thanks anyway, MikeMcKeon77 :wink:

WIP of a SciFiDoor Project i have been given, the normals are in place thanks to Photoshop, and the first layer of grime and detailing is complete:


Was rendered into this:

Thanks to anyone who stopped in to see if they could help, there are ways around baking normals with high-poly meshes, but i used the high-poly mesh as a texture to paint Diffuse, Normals, Specular, and BumpOffset…