Need Help ! What tools did i need ?


I have a dream …

A dream of a saddle for a Dodo , not to ride but with a Bag to expand the weight of the Dodo…

So what did i need for it ? What tools did i need to make the 3d Model of the Saddel and the animations when the Dodo moves.

Please help me i want to make this Mod so bad !

You are in luck, I just wrote this thread up this morning with these kind of questions in mind :smiley:

[INFO] Useful info/links on UE4 for Beginners, Intermediate, & Advanced skill levels! - ARK: Survival Evolved - Unreal Engine Forums!

That should have all the answers you are looking for! Check under “General Links” where it says “Free software tools & resource list”. That link has everything you need to make this possible.