Need Help! VR (Oculus CV1) setup for archviz

Hi guys!

How to create two modes VR and desktop in a single archviz application?
Currently I’m using a simple character (FPS) with controls by keyboard+mouse.
I want to add the option of enabling VR mode (Oculus CV1, only head rotation + controls by keyboard+mouse (with Y-axis blocking)) by hit a key or activate HMD. I’ve tried running ExecuteConsolecommand stereo ON but it did‘t work.

Is such an improvement possible in one application (in one level)?
Are there any tutorials on this issue or maybe examples of blueprints?

You can check for " EnabledHMD " with a node —
Then turn stereo rendering on or off , at start up. I don’t
think you can change back at runtime but try it and see
what happens ?

> UE4 AnswerHub : Is HMD connected ]

— Chuan

I have been trying to achieve the same thing. What I have done is have the 2 characters (one simple, one VR) in the scene, and toggle between possessing them by hitting a key. But I have also had problems activating and deactivating the HMD. I got messages saying using “Stereo On” is an outdated version and to use “vr.bEnableStereo True/False.” But there is also the option of “vr.bEnableHMD True/False.” I’m assuming those are the commands we should be using, but what is the difference between the two? They seem do similar things, but then again they don’t always seem to work.

Thank’s guys! I will try these two options.