Need help using V-Ray

Hey guys i know this might not be related to Unreal engine but i have made an exterior model of an house in sketchup. i have installed vray in it but i have no idea how to use it to create something realistic graphics… Please if anyone can help me :slight_smile: i would really appreciate… since its for my school project.

Ty ty so much :slight_smile: just a small doubt ik im reading that but you think that i have to work with the material that i have applied already? to be applied again?

Not sure what you’re asking, maybe you should talk to your teacher

ok so basically i already have my model with material applied. And then after i installed V-ray.So my question is do i have to apply material again to the model using v-ray or will it by itself change ?

No, you would need to most likely select the material, change it to a Vray material and then adjust the settings in the material for whatever look you’re wanting to achieve.

oh ok