Hello all,

So I have reached a stopping point in trying to figure out how to get the newly integrated/replacement Skeletal Mesh LOD tool that was added back in 4.20 to work at all. We are using a source build of 4.21.2 and I cannot figure out how to use the tool at all. Not only is the documentation extremely limited on how to use this tool, it is also not an accurate reflection on what we see on our end.

The link to this documentation page just tells me, “I don’t have access to view this page within the site.”

This page just shows the details panel and a quick summary of what the feature does. The “Regenerate LOD” button doesn’t even exist in my editor. Doesn’t show how to use the tool in the editor at all and is misleading.

The last bit of documentation I could find just explains the details of the algorithm used with the Skeletal Mesh Reduction Tool.

In short, I have not been able to find a single example of this “awesome new feature” being used at all. In fact, it doesn’t seem to have supporting documentation on how to use it. If this is the replacement for the Simplygon integration then it is not viable if it does not work. To be honest, I am a bit annoyed at how the Simplygon integrated was stripped away without providing a clear working replacement. The quadratic mesh simplification for the Static Mesh editor works great, I am just confused as to why the Skeletal Mesh LOD pipeline does not work the same way and has little to no documentation or support outlining the feature?!

**TLDR: **Someone please show me how they got the Skeletal Mesh LOD creation tool working in 4.21?! There’s almost no documentation and I am stuck trying to decipher this tool.

+1 Please can anybody finally answer this question, because it has become an enigma and, impossible to understand how to get it up and running. :mad::mad::mad:

Maybe try this?…gin/index.html

you may need to upgrade to UE4.22 to use it.

Lol yeah thanks…It seems like what happened is they said a feature was available before it was implemented into a public release. It was just now rolled out with the 4.22 release so it wouldn’t have even existed for previous engine versions. I wish that was made more clear.

The documentation page still hasn’t caught up to the release (4.22)