Need Help, Unreal 4.15.1 Changing Pawns / Vehicle System [Multiplayer Blueprint]

I’ve been studying Unreals Network documentation for a last month, I found this Compendium ( and I’ve read many forum posts but still I can’t create a working Vehicle System for Multiplayer Server-listener, Online Subsystem Steam type game.

Here is my way of doing it:

  • Spawn 4 “VehicleBlueprint” Pawns in GameMode and collect all of them in array variable.
  • Add a box to the default “VehicleBlueprint”, use oncomponentbeginoverlap and oncomponentendoverlap to make sure that Player is in correct spot to enter vehicle.
  • In PlayerController add InputAction (Press “e”).
  • Cast from VehicleBlueprint to PlayerController and send there owner (Actor) of Overlapped Component (It will be one of four spawned VehicleBlueprint)
  • Sinse I can’t Possess Actor, create Custom Event in PlayerController called “CheckVehicle”. ForEachLoopWithBreak will match Actors/Pawns names with array form GameMode and then set result as a ‘‘CurrentPawn’’
  • By using “Has Authority”

on Authority using FlipFlop:
* I will destory current pawn and possess one of spawned “VehicleBlueprint”
* “Spawn Actor From Class” (Transform next to just owned VehicleBlueprint) and possess default pawn (ThirdPersonCharacter)

                                   on **Remote**
       * **RPC** and the same as above

Server side is working, but client never gets correct pawn to possess
What am I doing wrong? :frowning: Pls help

first of all:
No Player Controller is needed
Possession should be done on your main pawn BP (Remote RPC)
Rest is okey, BUT!
Any movement will break Physics of VehicleADV and pawn will jitter and do sick flips until it settle down.

Pls anyone, make Thirdperson Server-listener VehicleADV possess example project :frowning:

BeginPlay [Has Authority] -> Remote -> Set Simulate Physics OFF
Event Tick [Is Locally Controlled] -> True -> RPC to Server (Forward Vector * Axis Value)
[Has Authority] -> Authority -> Add Force (With that multiply Vector) -> RPC Multicast (Location)(Rotation)
on RPC
This way physics is only simulate on Server and then multicast