Need help understanding the Default Skeleton in maya

So i’m pretty new to animation in general, what i am trying to do today is make some additional animations with maya using the default skeleton included with UE4.

the first thing that I noticed were “extra” joint chains labeled as ik_hand_root and ik_foot_root.

I’m sure these serve a purpose but I’m kind of at a loss concerning where and how to start now. after looking at some default anims inside of Maya, i noticed all the “extra” joints are moving and attached to the main skeleton, but when when i move and rotate the joints around, they are not playing nice. I’m going to need some controls. should i just parent the extra joints to the hands and feet? Is there anyone out there with more Maya experience and a few minutes to point me in the direction of turning this thing into a manageable rig? I could really use a few tips on setting up the skeleton to begin animating.

Thanks in advance!


if you want extra animation the best way and easy way its working with ART
you must install the plugin in maya.