Need help understanding rotations, especially rotation from xy/x/ etc

so I was looking at planet systems and was trying to get my character to rotate to a new gravity so that his feet and orientation match the surface normal. However I am not sure how to approach that. I haved looked for examples and explainations what rotations from xy xz vector do ( and the other ones) but the documentation doesnt really help as its a barebone description. I have attached a screenshot what I mean. Essentially, I would like to rotate an actor so that it orients towards a vector. Find look at roation tilts the object towards it and is not what I want. I have tried inverting the x and y rotation but it still looks off.
Any help to regarding what the rotation from xyz etc functions do would be appreciated.

There is a ton of stuff about this on utube:

It’s basically using LookAtRotation to look at the center of the ball.

Mind you, that’s only if physics really matters to you. It didn’t to me, and I’ve implemented a pawn that can walk, run and jump - no physics :slight_smile:

( The GIF is actually about the foliage system, but you can see the pawn functions just fine )


this was perfect, I happened to skip and skim and then the tutorial came to make rot from ZX and the explaination was just what I needed. Tysm!!!

I will watch this tonight, this seems really great.