Need help understanding Behavior Trees

Most dominantly, I don’t quite understand what would stop my decorators from aborting themselves and/or lower priority tasks.

In the image below, you can clearly see that my decorator is failing (is NOT Set), yet the AI is continuing to run through this sequence.

This Task ultimately ends in sending the AI on a Move Command, that’s all.

I have tried to add abort events to this task with no luck. They don’t seem to ever get fired.

Also, WAY up my tree at the start, the converse decorator (Is Set) is also failing to abort what’s below it:

Any help would be appreciated as I’m fairly lost here about how to get a reliable priority system going that will actually abort other tasks. I DO understand that there’s aspects of the BT which make things possible that perhaps require AI to finish their tasks, but I do feel that it’s necessary for us as developers to be able to force abort them at will based on whatever boolean logic we need.

Thank you.

This node will not check the boolean.
Instead create your own decorator and override PerformConditionCheck function :

Then plug your Decorator and fill it with your bool, should do the trick.

Thank you for the advice. I am trying this right now.