Need Help understanding and makng an item a childern.

I am new to modding in ark but I have seen the term children alot in the forums. Mostly people say just make it a child. To be honest I do know how to do this. Can someone explain to me the process or point me to a tutorial.

What I am looking to do is add items I created to the loot tables without losing stackablity. I also want to add new ammos types. Which I was told just make it a child. Which didnt help.

I would recommend looking up the Unreal Engine tutorials and wiki. Child references are not Ark specific.

dont make a child, copy and then reference it using the additional settings in your primalgamedata

That depends. Sometimes it’s more beneficial to make a child rather than a copy.

When you go to move a the file into your mod folder, you will get three options Copy, Move, Make Child. Child objects reference its parent object allowing the same functionality.