[Need Help] Trying to trigger an event when armor is worn


I am working on a few sets of armor, and one of the things I want to do is to fire off an event when the armor is equipped. The goal is a custom event, but essentially any event/node I can fire off that has an execution pin should work. Two examples of things I want to do with these events are A) Modify the base human mesh IsVisible flag to invisible while the armor is worn, and B) Granting abilities/buffs such as increased stats and lastly, if possible I’d like one piece of armor (jetpack) to grant flight (perhaps by changing current movement mode.)

The main issues I am running into are that PrimalItemArmor items do not have construction scripts (I am told this is because they are not world objects) and these armor items also have no components tab (which means I can’t attach things like collision for OnOverlap events.) I can follow up the inheritance path, but nothing I have access to has them either. The only thing I can think of is to add a parameter to my armor, and run a check if the player is wearing it each tick. I’m not sure that would work, but even if it did, I suspect it would tank performance. Considering that I would have to check for each piece that did anything (which means all of them) that would quickly become a lot of checks.

Right now, I have two hopes about this - that either I am just so new at this I’m thinking about it wrong or making noob mistakes, or that the total conversion level modtype will bring with it the exposure of parameters I could make use of. Any tips or insight would be appreciated.

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The variable needed for this isn’t exposed according to Drake

Hello sinarisinestro,

Thank you for confirming that for me, I’ve been going a bit batty thinking I’m overlooking something, heh. Perhaps it will be exposed at a later time.