Need Help - Trying To Send Some Controller Input To Enemy AI. (full Explanation)

HelloZ Everyone!! Where to begin… Well First off,

what i am simply trying to do is “Enable” and “Disable” Pawn Objects, which are attached to actors, through a button press. <------
When i push a button only my character’s spawned object shows up.


However when i detach the controller input from the AI, and simply set it to “Event Begin play” the sphere object spawns correctly.


I am totally lost on how to enable and disable both character’s spawned objects.

How I understand, you need to spawn/enable all “shields” on both characters by pressing one button?
First approach, short for the test, is using Level Blueprint. There you can create links to your actors and do specific actions for each one.

Second approach, useful, in your Character Blueprint or Level Blueprint, call the function “Get All Actors Of Class”. It will return an array that can be proceeded with “ForEachLoop” node.
Third approach is an improved second, using Tags. It will allow to be more specific.
Here is detailed examples how to use “Get All Actors Of Class” and Tags

Thank you so much!! saved my bacon!!! all 3 suggestions worked.

I can now Enable and Disable both through a single button press, which was all i needed.

I would put these functions in the GameMode Blueprint instead of the Level’s, since it sounds like a game mechanic thing that can be used on multiple levels!