Need help trying to convert this sockets relative position to a relative position on the held pistol

Hi Im trying to turn this sockets relative position to a relative position on the held item because I need to do this in reverse for my project. I want to make it so the hand positions to the exact place relative to the pistol like in the pic, instead so I can set the grip

Hey @BaseReality!

So can you explain what you mean by set the grip? Typically each weapon’s root will be changed to match the socket/hand instead of the socket being altered for the weapon.

So my system is A VR system where the pickup actors have grip point actors on them, When I grab the pickup item it translates to my actual Motion controller to align perfectly thereby grabbing the pickup item by the relative position of the grip point.
My skeletal mesh hands work on another layer and need to be posed on the Item when its held . So I create a socket that Im not using and add the preview mesh & align it in the hand, then pose the hand on the item. taking note of the relative position of the socket so I know the relative position it is to the hand so I can tell the skeletal hand to position themselves to that position then I apply the hand pose.
But I tried to negate the transfroms and make them a relative position on the Pickup item and I don’t seem to be getting the correct transform.
Hope this made sense

Okay! I think I get what you’re saying.

So you need to attach the hand actor to the gun actor, on the GUN’s Socket. So what you need to do is get the relative position of the hand actor vs the gun’s socket position, not the hand actor’s socket position. That’s going to be way different.

You’ll probably do this in the actor viewport for the gun. What I’d do is have the gun actor have a second skeletal mesh (hand) that runs the animations for the hand, set that to the default grip state on “idle”, then position the HAND relative to the GUN (main actor). Then hide the skeletal hand mesh, and when you pick up the gun, UN-hide it :slight_smile: