Need Help - Tranq Dart that increases Dino Hunger

Hi there,

I am currently working on a mod for Ark which adds different types of Tranquilizer Darts to the game with different effects. So far I have a few tiered darts added with increased projectile speed and torpor effects that are balanced.

However, I wanted to try and create a dart that also increases the hunger stat of a Dino, in order to make it hungry and allow for faster taming, with some trade offs.

The problem I am running into is that my buff is not being applied to the Dino when hit with my tranq. The buff should lower the food stat by - 100 over 5 seconds, but doesnt do a single thing.

I have also tried without a buff, and instead using the Dmgtype file to apply the. -100 food the same way torpor is applied, but this yields very strange results. The amount of food should be a multiple of the damage done by the projectile, but it is instead a flat amount of 1800 food removed. I set the mtiplier amount to add to. -10, and the gun does 10 damage, so it should be -100, but it is not.

When this is set to a positive number however, it works and makes the Dino poop. (lol)

Anyone got any ideas? I followed a yt tutorial but it did not work. Same issue of the buff not applying

If you need my source files I will upload soon. Thank you!