Need help to solve this ~ Probably easy....

I started over on my project to use some different techniques then I did the first time around…
I added the melee combo system from Moize Opel on Youtube (or MezioPleo here on the forums) to the ARPGiS by Vanguard Interactive.
After doing so I had to change a few things to make the animations work properly again and now… I can only have one thing working at a time, currently running around works, the combo animations work, but my jumping animation doesn’t…
What do I need to do from the “Cast To InventoryPlayerCharacter node” to make it realize it needs to play the jump animation when I jump, and the walk when I walk?
I’m sure I’m close, but I just don’t know what node to go with…



You disconnected the upper path.
Make a sequence after the valid check and go both ways.
Is falling tells you what you need.

In case you still have problems you need to show us the AnimGraph, the Locomotion handles the animations.
But im sure connecting it should fix it.

Yes exactly, only when I drag a line from the Cast Node to the Top Valid, the bottom one automatically disconnects, so I must choose either the top or the bottom :frowning:
I need some kind of a node to allow both connected at the same time, but don’t know what that is.

You could use sequence, or just join on set to the other.

A sequence!! that did the trick!
Thanks man, I knew it was something simple as that… I just couldn’t figure out what node to use!

+1 to you both for the help!

So I got the walking and jumping animations fixed with the Sequence, but now I have to figure out how to stop this Gumby action…

What do you mean?
It looks like your attack animations are not suppose to be playd while walking / jumping.

I mean exactly that, While playing the attack animations, I should not be able to walk/slide.
I say “Gumby action” as in the old claymation kids show Gumby. He doesn’t walk, he just slides :slight_smile:

But I have actually FIXED this problem and now when I play my attack combo, my character does in fact stop moving!