Need Help to solve a plugin problem

I make a plugin named ‘****Plugin’:stuck_out_tongue: to my project named ‘pluginReferrenceTest’ using Plugin Creator in ver4.8.

And I add a class named ‘TestClass’ in to the plugin, finally my project looks like this: QQ截图20151113183705.png

Then I code [PublicDependencyModuleNames.AddRange(new string[] { “Core”, “CoreUObject”, “Engine”, “InputCore”, “****Plugin” });] to the pluginReferrenceTest.Build.cs.

Finally I try to instance the TestClass in game like this : QQ截图20151113183705.png

But the problem shows up :QQ截图20151113183705.png

Do i miss any operation? And now my problem is that how to use custom class from other plugin.

Any help would be appreciated and thx in advance.

the plugin creator never worked for me. The best way is to create the plugin manually. Also, when using VS, do not use the IDE for creating new files. Create the new file in Notepad++(or whatever) then drag it into VS. Otherwise your files wind up in the Intermediate folder.

Don’t trust this ‘Plugin Creator’ stuff; I’ve never seen it work correctly.
I’d rather create plugin code from scratch which is better for me to mentally track whatever is happening inside the code by myself, since I also don’t use debugging tools very often as well. When using these generator stuff, the time saved on coding will be spent reading and trying to understand how the generated code works anyway.

thx I will try this way.

thx for the tips.