Need help to set up for VR

So I been reading the quick steps and watched videos on YouTube, but I can’t get anything to work on my phone in VR. When launching it on my phone it crashes, but when I don’t set it up for VR, everything launches just fine. Idk what to do. My phone is the LG G5 and the headset I use is the Gear VR. I used engine v4.10, v4.13 and v4.15. I made a post in the VR section but no one was able to give me any help. Hopefully someone here can help.

Only Samsung phones are supported by Gear VR.

I know. But it’s only to sync the headset to the phone to use the controls on the headset. I used the headset for other VR apps that have motion control or controller support via Bluetooth. Should I not set the project to support Gear VR and set it to cardboard or daydream only?

You should use Cardboard for non Samsung. The Gear VR plugin is only for a specific set of Samsung phones which support the Gear VR hardware which is not just a set of lenses; it has separate accel/gyro and inputs.

Ok that’s what I needed to know. Thanks. I’ll try again with it set to cardboard.