Need help to get a new seed to be able to harvest from bushes

Need help with what the tittle says. Anyone know what i need to do?

Let me see if I understand: you have a new custom seed that you want to add to the harvest component of the bushes? If so, open your dev kit and do a search for “SeedHarvestComponent” in the search bar on your right. Be sure that you are at the main “Game” folder in your browser to the right. Those are the files you would need to look at to add your custom seeds.

Keep in mind, there are several components depending on what biome or area of the map it is.

In terms of keeping a mod clean and stackable - is it possible to define additional harvest components without requiring that your mod goes first in the mod load order?

This is basically my question, too. Is there a clean/stackable way to add additional resources onto a Harvesting Component?