Need help to disable mouse input

Ok, so im fairly new to unreal blueprints and coding in general. I am trying to make it so, when i click a button the mouse is disabled and input is stopped… what am i doing wrong?

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Hello! I am new too but I will try to help. This will hide the mouse, so it’s like disabling it. Disable Input shouldn’t be necessary, however if you want to disable the movement of a pawn(like a character), you can use “Get Player Pawn” and connect it to Target in Disable Input Node.

Well, you see thats the pronlem. it doesent hide the mouse at the right moment. I click it , and i have to click the viewport again for it to make mouse dissapear. i want to click the button and then the mouse dissapear. I dont need to stop movement of a character as this is for a quiz game. there is no character.

Sorry I didn’t have time to do tests last night, but I did this morning, you can do this:

However, there is still one problem, while the mouse is hidden, you can still click on the buttons, move the mouse etc, it’s just invisible. However I guess you can disable the buttons till you want the player to do another action.
Sorry I know this wasn’t the answer you were looking for but I guess it’s a temporary solution. I hope someone else has a better idea about this. I also tried overriding the On Mouse Move but it didn’t really work.

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This has worked perfectly thank you. I also cant press anything else either. This is just what i wanted! thanks

You are welcome! Good luck with your game :slight_smile: