Need help to answere 2 questions and maybe help me a little (2 small problems)

I’m in the progress of making a zombie game (like cod) for a school project and im having 2 problems

Rounds… how the **** do i get it to increase the rounds and is this even possible with blueprint at all???

In zombies there are restrictions like only 24 zombies at all times spawning never more, but there can be 200 to go, so it kinda just takes 24 zombies of 200 the whole time, and each round this increases so for example on round 1 you got 7 zombies then at round 10 you have 50 zombies to go but only 24 spawn at a time. is this even possible to create with blueprint and if you got any clue how, please do tell me. ive been looking arround and i have not found an answere to these 2 things and how to do them which is causing me tons of stress since i dont have all much time left, and i cant think of it myself how i could create a system like this.

Please help. thanks regardless

  1. I highly recommend you NOT to make a Zombie-shooter for school. This will cause big problems! Just a tip for you.

  2. With Rounds, do you mean the bullets of your Weapon or the wave?

  3. Create a Intreger “ZombieAmount” and “MaxZombiesAlive”. Only spawn Zombies as long ZombiesAlive<The number of Zombies you allow on the map AND ZombieAmount > 0. When ZombieAmount == 0, start a new round. Every time you start a new round, increase the variables “ZombieAmount” and “MaxZombiesAlive”. That´s very simple logic…

waves :slight_smile: like wave 1 wave 2 wave 3

Thank you so much for the help!

yeah i tend to derp on the logic somtimes :S

Also its for PTF, Stuff you want work with in the future so i got game development and the teacher didnt mind c:

Sure, that´s very easy.

You should (if you have not done already) create a Blueprint which is responsible for spawning the enemies. Inside this BP create the Variables “Wave” (Intreger), “ZombiesPerWave” (Intreger), “MaxZombiesAlive” and “ZombiesAlive”.

You should generate the amount of ZombiesPerWave and MaxZombiesAlive by doing some maths (for example Wave*Wave-Wave/3=ZombiesPerWave and ZombiesPerWave/8-3=MaxZombiesAlive, but you can multiply, divide, add and subtract however you feel like) but make sure to round that value (not sure of Unreal does that automaticly when doing math with Intregers). If that results in unbalaced waves, you could subtract a bit if the Value is higher than something (you have to figure that out by yourself by testing the game). Or you could set these values manually, but this clearly doesn´t allow infinite waves and may requires more work.

Ofc the default value of “Wave” must be one!

Spawning the Zombies and setting the variables is very easy, i won´t give you an instruction on how to do that (and 99.9% of everyone else won´t do that either).

Gl hf!

thank you so much for the help buddy!