(Need Help) Static Lighting Issues

I’ve been trying to make an arena fps for a couple years now, and I still have no idea how to get lighting to just work properly.

I am using static lights and my level design is super basic, I’m talking Quake/Descent basic here. Yet whenever I build lighting, all my meshes and bsps materials change to have these weird stripes and all of my converted bsps into meshes become dark. Not pitch black, I’m aware of that issue, this is different.

When I move a static light in the editor it fixes it and the lighting is the way it should be, but then the engine of course says lighting needs to be rebuilt.

This is driving me insane, please help. All converted bsps are at a lightmap resolution of 4, all static meshes are the way they should be, but whenever I build lighting, my static lights get super dark.

How do I fix this? I just want a basic way to light up rooms without all this hassle.