[Need Help] Some question to improve PvE server

  1. Anyone know how to change the indoor insulation based on the base material?

I can only see the insulation value on PlayerPawnTest which suggest all base material will give the same insulation value
Perhaps there are a way to change that?

  1. Is there a way to change how the weather impact you or you base?
    I’m trying to make the weather more harsh to force people to build better base (stone) instead of sticking to wood in PvE server

  2. Is there a way to change how dino seek corpse? currently it will only seek corpse if it’s not follow any thing
    I want to change the behavior so that it will seek corpse if it’s standing still

  3. Updating

I wouldn’t recommend having your dino’s seek corpse when not on follow, that would potentially make them steal items that people are farming for. It is much easier to just “U” then “J” when you want a dino to eat something. As for the insulation value on material, I’m not sure where that figure is. I imagine it would be in source code though, since buildings only give insulation once they are fully connected. I could be wrong on this one though.

Well if the seeking is possible then prob the seeking range is possible as well. This will only the option when you’re not online but still want your dino to do something :slight_smile:

If they are not following anything, they will automatically seek any corpses within the seeking range. Yes you can change their corpse food targeting range though, it is within the dino’s AIController_BP

No i mean if they’re following your dino and is standing still :smiley:
As usually you will want to leave your dino follow a passive dino just incase they need to come back, another dinos will be on aggr to initiate the attack
However, the current system will only lets ur pack kill anything get into aggr range but will leave the corpse there
My question is : is there a way for the following dino to seek for that corpse (condition is they’re standing still - but following something)

That would have to be done in code/blueprinting. It’s very possible I would think, but I don’t know if the blueprints would over-run the AI source code.