Need Help Solving my spline Mesh Issues.

I am trying to set up some spline mesh fence tools, And to that end I followed many YouTube tutorials to achieve it & I almost have! apart from some minor issues that I cant seem to solve.
I have ended up with 2 procedural fence BP’s one that lays down static meshes and one that is using spline mesh components.
I have already created many fence parts that are designed to fit to each other @ 200cm width, with the Pivot points set to the center of the fence post.
The one that is placing static meshes places them perfectly and a 200cm section and the meshes align perfectly like below.

But it all falls apart when I try to go in any other direction than straight. Like below.
But then I have the BP that works by placing spline mesh component and it works really well, But it has an issue where the meshes are not close enough to look connected even though the section size is 200cm the same as the panels 200cm . And no matter what I have tried, shrinking the section size of increasing it It just scales the mesh, but they still are not connected like below.

The spline mesh BP.
What I need is to have a fence that is connected and can handle corners :slight_smile: Can anyone help!
PS: sorry for potato pics quality Images, The picture size limit on the forums is really tight.

Ok I’m not sure but I think this could be something to do with the mesh bounds?
Is the bounds stopping the mesh from connecting properly by not letting them the bounds overlap?
Is there a solution to this? It doesn’t seem to happen with placing static meshes on a spline

so to reiterate with better pictures. here is the problem and how the mesh bounds look also, a pic of the mesh bounds.

And below another panel that connecting right up to itself, and the bounds are tight to the mesh.