Need help setting velocity on ProjectileMovement component from a variable

Hi, I need some help setting the velocity on ProjectileMovement component from a variable. If I manually fill in the “x” on the velocity it works as it should. But when I want to do it from a variable passed from a data table it gets all messed up.

My “x” on the velocity is read from my data table and set to my (Projectile Velocity Cm variable) this is what I want to set the ProjectileMovement Velocity “x” to. Below is my attempt to get it sort of working. I end up having to set it twice because otherwise the projectile just flys in one direction no matter what way my character is facing. The velocity gets changed to what I want it to but the direction of the projectile is the wrong direction and facing sideways… There has to be a simple solution for this.

This is part of my projectile blueprint.

I just want to be able to set this from plugging in a variable and setting and not by manually setting it here.

Why doesn’t this work?

Any help apprectiated