Need help setting up Pawn as playable character

Can someone share a link to a “Complete” guide for using Pawn class as Main control-able character from the beginning in blueprint? that is how to start setting up the pawn, setting up the camera following the pawn and assigning Player Control BP to a pawn, setting up GameMode and event a BP of moving a pawn using WASD + mouse. (I’m trying to make top down shooter using a hovercraft as my playable character, Since is not a Bipedal Character, so I decide to use Pawn class instead Character class).

I have start learning UE4 recently, and I’ve managed to control a Character class using Movement Input in its own BP and make The Character facing mouse cursor, but when I tried using a Pawn class its all different, I can’t seem to find “add movement Input” function anywhere (not in my Pawn’s BP nor in my Player Controller BP), I tried using “set actor location” but the pawn doesn’t move.

I’ve put Camera with spring arm within the pawn but when I play it, is not using the camera I’ve created (:confused: Its silly, because that is the only camera in the scene)
I already Set Game Mode using my Pawn as Default Pawn Class and My Player Controller BP as default Controller Class in game mode, I also already set game mode override to my game mode in world setting.

I’ve tried searching tutorial everywhere but they only show a part of it… I’ve tried to implement those in my project but nothing seems to works.

Sorry if I didn’t put any screenshot, because I don’t know what screenshot I need to get? simply because I don’t know where I’m doing wrong.

And I don’t know why Add Movement Input doesn’t work/show in Player Controller BP nor in Pawn class BP when it works just fine in Character Class BP. Since is doesn’t works in for Pawn class, what function do we use to move or rotate a pawn?

Btw. I’m a 3D artist working in mobile game developer, I so interested of developing a game but since I’m not a programmer and my office is using Unity which all coding I can’t start my own project. But UE4 have blueprint, so I decided to start learning it. So if any of u guys wanna help me, u need to help me using Blueprint system, not C++…My brain cannot process all those coding text… and try to explain everything like trying to teach a monkey because I’m a complete beginner.:smiley:

Character is actually a pawn, but as you noticed it comes already with some support for walking, swimming etc. to make stuff easier.

Did you take a look at DefaultPawnMovementComponent? DefaultPawn already comes with some helpful components.

There are some tutorials for using a car as a defaultpawn. I never looked into hovercrafts, but i guess physics wise it should be quite similar.

Here’s a nice project which uses much vehicle interaction - maybe looking at that helps you a bit:

Ok I found the DefaultPawnMovementComponent, It seems its already got a movement input build-in…I didn’t need to build the blueprint to make it move to the direction I want, I try look in to this more. Thx for the Info :slight_smile:
I’ve look into the link of the Vehicle interaction Video you gave me… its not exactly what I want but thx anyway… playing with Physic is to advance for me right now since I’m still noob I wanna keep it simple for now, maybe later on… Besides Physic tend to be a problem when playing with object with high velocity movement.

Thx…this is great information for noob like me :wink: