(need help) Set up fullscreen for packaged shipping project

So I’m down to the last bit before publishing my project to steam. But my issue now is that after packaging it for distribution, it doesn’t open in full screen, it opens in a window. When packaged for development I was able to find the ini files and changed it there. But shipping packaged doesn’t have it.

I changed the files in my project folder before packaging it to see if that works, and it didn’t. I also tried using BP console command but when the game opens the main menu it’ll go from full screen to windowed. But it only goes full screen when it opens the main menu of the game the first time. How do I fix this? I’m using v4.10 because some assets can’t go to a higher version.

I have never had that problem. These are the settings that I use.
Go into the packaging section
Change Build to Always
Set Build configuration to Shipping
Check on Full rebuild and For distribution and Use pak file
Now do File> Package project > Windows > Windows (64 bit)