Need help, scroll box selection and useage - please

i need help please i been on it for 2 days now. i made a simple hud and scroll box in it with text boxes binded to buttons from an array. i need two things from the box at run time. first i need to be able to select an item from the scroll box list created dynamicly, and two i need to store info from the actor in the world Aipawns/static mesh objects in the world. the list holds 3 items from the actors in the world, location/distance of the actor/object in the world, a description/name of the actor/object, and type of actor/object (enemy/friendly/type of object as a symbol). im currently stuck trying to change button tint on click to show item in list is selected (not successfully) then i need to have selected item in list be interacted by another set of buttons in hud (i havent got to yet). i have vb experience but it seems worthless in umg as i am new to ue 4. any help will be apriciated :). the tuts online i found so far are getting me nowhere and this seems a simple function in a scroll box/list box but i cant seem to understand at all how to interact with the differnt child widgets created in the listbox.