Need help rotating an object based on gamepad thumbstick input.

Hey all, need a little bit of help with a blueprint. What I am trying to do is get an object to change its rotation based on the movement of the left thumbstick on a gamepad.

Specifically, I want it to rotate forward/back/left/right a specific maximum when i push the thumbstick all the way, and for the rotation to return to normal as i release the thumbstick.

Right now, i have managed to get the object to rotate when I move the thumbstick, and have somewhat managed to get it to return to its original rotation with RInterp To, but I cant get a maximum rotation to work, and the speed of the return to original rotation is… a bit fast? I set the RInterp To speed to .0001 and it is still super fast… maybe because it is connected to event tick?

Below are screens of what I have so far.

Another update. Decided to try a complete different approach to the rotation and I now have a very nice and simple setup with rotation limits, controllable rotation speed, and the rotations reset to normal when I let go of the thumbstick. However, now I don’t know how to incorporate this setup with the previous blueprint function that also moved the location of WHERE the object rotated. My goal is to try and remake the super monkey ball controls where the ground rotates under the ball, and right now I have both haves working separately, but I am unsure how to combine them… T_T