[NEED HELP] Role and equipment selection system

Dear community,

I’m looking for tips or a tutorial that shows how to create a role and equipment selection system for an FPS game.


When you join a server, so you will get a page/menu where you can choose the squad and role (Rifleman, Sniper ect). Each role has a specific number of equipment and weapons you can choose from: Primary weapon, secondary weapon, armor, optics ect. Once you have selected the equipment and pressed Apply, you will spawn into the round with equips you have selected.

Is there such a tutorial out there with either C++ or Visual Blueprint Scripting? That describes how to create something similar, and how to get all of the equipment and weapons to be right aligned on the right socket.

Would be eternally grateful if someone could help me :slight_smile:

Hi [aCe]Total!

I don’t know if there is a tutorial for what you want, but it’s easy to make…you need a good amount of time only.

I don’t know your Blueprints skill level, but IMO these are the steps:
1- Level BP: Begin Play > Make a Widget [UMG]
2- UMG: Classes, Weapons, Gadgets and Equiment Selection
3- Character BP: Attach/Detach Weapons, Gadgets and Equipment
4- “…how to get all of the equipment and weapons to be right aligned on the right socket.”: You can make a different socket for every single weapon. If you have 10 weapons, make 1 socket and duplicate it 9 times…you can call them “Socket Weapon x” where “x” is the Weapon number. Now you can align each weapon in the best way.

Let me know if you need more help.
I would make a prototype for you starting from my template but I don’t know if I’ve time to make it.

Thank you, Diat Funa.

My knowledge of Unreal BP scripting is poor. I’m most familiar with java/C programming, even if it starts to get a while since last time. :wink:

I want to learn everything about BP scripting! I wondering if I should buy ‘The Ultimate TPS / FPS Template’, would be great if you could create a quick example in your template :slight_smile:

I’m honest with you: my template is a good start only for what you need, because my template hasn’t what you want, but if you understand “my” BP, you understand how to make a role and equipment selection system.

Anyway, if your knowledge of BP is poor, I’ll try to help you with a free customized project or something like that. Give me some (2/3) days :o

Have a god day/night!

Wow! Thank you, Diat Funa! I’m incredibly grateful.

Hi, I would love anything that would help to create an avatar creation system and this stuff seems to be exactly it. It would be awesome if you could share your results.^^

Tomorrow I share with you my Selection System Prototype and you can download it :smiley: See you later :slight_smile:

Here I am :rolleyes:
At the moment you can select the Class 1 only because it’s a prototype, but it’s easy to add more classes.


Selection Menu start when launch the game. During the game press the 1 Key.


I hope you like it.

Hi Diat Funa,

That is some pretty impressive work, have you implemented the melee system for your weapons?

Thank you so much for this example, Diat Funa.

This helped me a lot! Hope you don’t have anything against if I ask you some questions later. You are a very clever guy :slight_smile:

What must I do to split your widget into two seperate widgets. One widget for the class selection and one widget for the rest.

Hi Adam!
No. I’ve a roadmap for my first UE4 project and the weapons system is scheduled for December 2014.
ATM I don’t know if and how I’ll implement the melee system.

The best way is:
1- Rename “MySelection” widget in “MySelection1”
2- Duplicate “MySelection1” and call the copy “MySelection2”
3- MySelection1 = Delete anything about the class selection and Save the rest
4- MySelection2 = Save anything about the class selection and delete the rest

Now you need 2 “Create Widget” nodes in Level BP and 2 Object Reference Variables. I hope you understand my spaghetti :rolleyes:

Thanks for this code and menu :slight_smile:

Thank you for good explanation, Diat Funa. I’m a little unsure what I should use to recall widget #2 from widget #1.

I’m sorry, I was wrong. I meant rename, not recall :wink: (I’ve edited my previous message)

hm, I did as you wrote, Diat Funa, but for some reason I can’t get the Class 1 button to work.

How it should work: After pressing the Class 1 button from MySelection 2, then CL1 - PRIMARY 1, CL1 - PRIMARY 2, CL1 - SECONDARY 1 ect. from MySelection1 becomes visible for selection. I dont think the “button” reference names does work on cross over two Widgets? How to fix that?

  • i’m not allowed to return values from both widgets to the same “Set input Mode UI ONLY - In Widget to Focus”. Do I need to create 2x “Add to viewport” and 2x “set input mode” ?


Hi Total!
ATM I can’t help you, but I’ll try tomorrow.

Thank you, that would be great!

Btw, I bought the TPS / FPS Template to support you. I am very grateful for all the help you give me. :slight_smile:

Dear Diat Funa,

Could you explain how I can use multiple widgets in the same system. How can I get buttons in Widget #1 to work with Widget #2 and vice versa?

Take your prototype as an example. How to get it all to work after splitting it into 2 widgets?

Widget 1: Class Selection
Widget 2: Weapon selection and deploy button