Need help, Render Custom Depth on Raytraced Actors

So I set up a Raytrace where I store the Hit Actor as (Actor Traced) and then I cast it to my Master Items Blueprint where I promote to a variable (Master Item) and then if this Hit Trace was a fail set a Boolean to False (Good to Go) but if it was good then set Actor traced, Set Good to Go to True, set Master Item as Actor Traced.

Anyways I use a Branch node in my HUD blueprint that casts to my Master Item BP again and does the same thing basically, except if the Cast was good then it sets render custom depth to true, but if it fails then it sets it to false. This works great! Except one little problem, if I line my raytrace up just right and the raytrace hits two acceptable actors at the same time, they both highlight, then the last one highlighted will still un-highlight, but the first one highlighted will stay highlighted until i re-trace it and remove my mouse from it. Is there anyway more efficient that will check to see if the target I am targetting is a valid Master Item target, and if it is then highlight it but only until I highlight something else or move my crosshairs from it?