[Need Help] Rafts and Crafting

Hello I am new to the forums, as well to the hole program.

I would like to know if you can make copies of the raft and change how many objects can be placed on it?
if so can you explain what files I need to do such a thing.

Last but not least I would like a custom place for my mods to be crafted not just from the inventory, how would I go about that?

Thanks for your time,

I still need some help if anyone knows how to do this. I have been looking around on YouTube and still cant find a updated tutorial on modding.


Did you ever find an answer to what you where looking for? Currently looking for a way to modify the raft and was hoping could save some time finding an answer here :slight_smile:


hi Sup3rM4N, Sadly no I have not gotten any help, have searched google, and as good as i am digging in to the the web I could not find much on it at all, I am taking a break from the hole thing, I was going to try to make a map but, sadly for what ever reason the program was bugging out for me or I was doing something wrong, Its a bit of a hard program for me to learn as it is, I hope after ARK comes out as a release they make it more simple to make mods and maps, it would benefit them in a big way.

anyhow sorry, i’m not much help, if you do find out let me know who knows something came out after I posted this forum.

“Max Saddle Structures Num” in the raft BP is where you would change how many items can be built upon it.
Easiest way to make a new structure is copy say the smithy “PrimalItemStructure_AnvilBench”, “PrimalInventoryBP_AnvilBench” and “StorageBox_AnvilBench” link the copied versions together and change the inventory on the “components” tab to your newly copied inventory. Then you need to add your new crafter to the “Additional Structures To Place” section in your “PrimalGameData_yourmod_bp”. “PrimalInventoryBP_AnvilBench” is where you will set which items can be crafted.