Need help putting clothes on skeletal mesh

Hi guys. So I am working towards my first mod and I want to build a shop. Now I used the wood bench as a starter point and then added a component (in this case human male skeletal mesh) to my bench to have a guy standing behind it. Now my problem is I want him to be wearing clothes and if possible change the color of those clothes (like you can dye them in game) . I came across this but it seems to only cover underwear unless I am misunderstanding. Any help would be appreciated. Also for his hat I wanted to use on of the ones that you drop onto the ones you craft if this makes any difference. Kind of like the one you spawn with each time you die. Thanks.

This is directly copied from a message I put on Discord so ya…

Default equipped items, Can’t wait to see what another person can do with the shop idea. Still need to add NPC’s to mine.

EDIT: Lol yes stupid me didnt read completely (ignore my post)

Just drag the armor skeletal mesh onto the human mesh and enable set master pose

Thanks for the assist Samson.