Need Help Programming

My previous helper decided to diss my game and not help me anymore with programming, so I’m looking for a new teacher and assistant.

As you can see below, I’m trying to program my “field of attack”, and I show above the graph my two blueprints where I’ve coded thus far. I need serious help as I am a complete beginner. I need to know where I go from here on in order to achieve my goal.

Can anyone explain the significance of a “Break Transform”?

A Transform is a structure. In Blueprints, structures can be assembled via pins with “Make” nodes, and broken into pins with “Break” nodes.

Transform structures contain Translation (delta Location) as Vector, Rotation as Rotator, and Scale as Vector, so all “Break Transform” does is lets you access those properties as pins.


Trying to get help on this website is like going fishing – you just sit there for hours waiting for something to bite onto your lure, and because of that I’m going back to sleep. See you folks later.

OK, now what is the function of a “Subtraction” in Blueprint?

The “Subtraction” node performs the mathematical operation of Subtraction on numbers, in this case, of type float.

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So what’s the purpose of a subtraction being connected to a break rotator? Does it subtract from the player’s rotation, and thus identify the direction that the player’s facing towards?

May I suggest you watch more unreal engine youtube videos. If you have watched any you would have seen print string used in many of them. Essentially use it for debugging your code, finding out what value is in a variable at a given time, for example.

I highly recommend you look at this guy’s youtube channel where he explains almost every blueprint node:

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Sure, that makes sense, but the Blueprints Topic exists for a reason.

You mean the forum exists for a reason? Yes, it does, and it has been a bit quieter in recent memory, and help can be found in so many different ways and places, that it gets spread thin. Do research outside of forums as well, before asking, is my tip. People are more likely to respond if you show you have researched before asking.


Asking questions is research.

My point, I guess, is even just typing ‘unreal engine print string’ in Google would have answered your question immediately. People don’t want to have to answer those types of questions, and by and large will ignore questions that can be found easily in a simple google search.

If you come here saying I googled and read about the topic and still confused, can someone please explain it, then you will likely get some help, faster. Cheers.


99.9% of nodes are here:

In under a second, indeed:


Totally worth it, as a bonus - no need for human interaction. Everybody wins.

Besides that:

  • hovering with the mouse cursor over nodes brings up basic tooltips:


  • more complex elements allow you to extend it

Also, Pitch makes little sense here - Yaw is suitable when talking about cardinal directions since we’re discussing top-down view.

But why use directions when you already have collision zones to detect hits. Swing the weapon and see what it connects with - math can derive from that, if at all needed.

Or get rid of collision zones if you know where the attack is coming from - send the target attack signature and have them interpret that.

There is so much ambiguity in interpreting how this is supposed to work.

For a basic 1,2,3 attack system (this has been done too many times) there’s little need for vector math. Conan had a system like that (just a tad more complex as you could chain combos, up the defences from that side) - it was somewhat entertaining at first, a glorious mess with more than 2 ppl and it was quickly forgotten as it did not really work all that well :expressionless:

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The previous guy coded this. He was the one who didn’t like the collision spheres. It hasn’t been done that many times. It’s a solid idea. I’ve tested it out before. I’m merely making a game that’s entertaining to me, and don’t care about what anyone thinks. Good games (like the Japanese game Ib, or even Minecraft) come from people who don’t listen to the never-ending stream of nay-saying that comes from people who wouldn’t know a good game if it bit them in the butt. However, ranting to random nobody’s on an internet forum is unproductive, so I’m gonna end this here, and say that the cardinal directions were suggested by the other guy, who made this graph:

He also suggested to remove the left-click action and just leave it to pushing 1, or 2, or 3, but that just doesn’t feel right. It feels much more satisfying to use the left-click action.

Good luck!

All I want to know is if someone can fix the errors in the Unreal 5 Early Access 1 zip file there are too many extracting errors that keeps me from extracting the source code can who ever place that file on github redo the zip file please :frowning:

@Everynone is an invaluable resource to the Answerhub and the UE Forums, and is constantly helping people.

From the Answerhub today:

245 Karma points this week… that’s about 12 good answers or 49 upvotes. Keep in mind that only 30% of people there actually respond.

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You could clone the repository on the “ue5-early-access” branch, but why are you asking this on this thread?