[Need Help] Problem with adjusting Brightness Scale

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Anyone know how to change the indoor insulation based on the base material?
I can only see the insulation value on PlayerPawnTest which suggest all base material will give the same insulation value
Perhaps there are a way to change that?

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How are you modifying the light source? Via the emitter? Or somewhere else? If there is a “dampening” or “cutoff” setting for the light source try adjusting those (or something worded similar).

Drathek would be a good one to ask about this question as he made TorchBoost which essentially does this with Torches.

I modify the emitter particle setting (where you see the fire preview and adjust heat emitter, color over life , etc)
I make change to the Brightness Radius Scale which i can see it increase the range of light but only if i’m standing inside the range or look straight/near the fire

Yup, i’m waiting for him as well XD added him on steam but he’s offline right now

The particle emitter you are modifying uses a bounding box. Just click the black space to the right of all your modules, scroll down to bounds, and change the min and max bounds for your emitter. If you doubled the light radius, you just need to double these numbers.

Got it, thanks Drathek