Need Help Please! Or advice!!

I have been trying to get some help on this problem for a little more than a week.

I havent gotten a single response except for one guy that ignored me after 1 reply. I’d rather get answers like “It can’t be done” or “Its not implemented yet” then nothing. And maybe I could get some advice to make this work somehow (maybe even turning the decal into a model idk).

Sorry for my mini rant. I hope everyone is having a great Labor Day weekend!


About not getting help, is not that people don’t wanna help you, they might not know how to.
I have had troubles with Decal before, I’m not sure if this could help you,

But when I added a Decal over a blueprint actor as a component, it would somehow make translucent materials to not render.
This happened to me on 4.9.0, when I removed the Decal, the stuff with translucent material would render back again.

Thank you for a reply! I Know. Im not upset if people dont know, but I would love to get a reply even if its like “Sorry not sure, but maybe go here or try this” u know? And about the translucent issue you were having did you get a solution? And did u try the dbuffer decal fix(even tho that deals with lighting)?

UE4 is still getting more popular, people tend to leave it to go for Unity3D, just be patient and try to fix your issues, try to look for an alternative.

I’m afraid I’m developing a 2D game, I added the decal for testing purposes to try and make some Actors tick before others, in the end I just removed the Decal, try to find a way to do what you want to achieve it without it, until someone can give you guidance on it.

Just bump your answerhub thread after 4 days -> after that someone from epic games will surely answer your question :slight_smile:

Posting on AnswerHub… (Sorry couldn’t resist)


Yea I bump usually but no luck i guess

Yea I guess im just impatient since this is for a class you know, if it wasnt id prolly let it sit

Could these links help? That is, do you have direct lighting on all parts of the decal?


Again thanks for the response, but read the reply i gave you :wink: