Need Help, Physics for an Inventory Menu

Hi everyone,

Like the title, i have a problem on Unreal Engine 4.
I have follow a tutorial for making an Inventory menu, but there are a problem with the physics when i drop my object.
All my object is a child of my ThirdPersonCharacter, if i touch some objet on the map, my Physics work, but when i take an objet who can be taking, if i drop this object, the object have no collision and no physics.

How can i correct that ?
Here some screen of my blueprint for droppring my object:

Here my BluePrint code:


1pChar is variable = to my ThirdPersonCharactor Actor


Here, in red, i’ve try to adjust my code for adding a physics to my object when i drop them.
But it dosen’t work.
i don’t really know how to adjust my code for adding a physics to my object.

Here is the result of my BluePrint code.
My object have now no Physics and collision:

Thanks for your precious help.
I really need to correct that.

ps: I’m french, you can respond in english or in french, it’s not a problem for me.

Any help ?

I’ve resolve my problem myself.