Need help passing variable from child Blueprint inside other Blueprint to edit in Viewport

I need to pass a variable from a material parameter inside a child Blueprint that is nested inside another master Blueprint and then referenced from the latter master’s child so that I can edit this variable in the Viewport. Is that possible?

Here is the modular setup I have so far:

Component Blueprint master (parent class = Actor) → Component Blueprint child: parameter passes OK and is editable in Viewport. Good!

Component Blueprint Child inside Framework Blueprint master (parent class = Pawn) → Framework Blueprint Child: parameter not visible in either Framework Blueprint Master or Framework Blueprint Child. Bad!

Result desired: Edit the variable in the Framework Blueprint Child in the Viewport.

That’s pretty simple to do, not a lot of nodes involved.

First I have a simple material with one color parameter :

Then my 2 blueprints, BP_Pawn is nested inside of BP_MasterActor :

BP_Pawn has a function to reference the material and change the color :

The function can be used in the construction script if this component can be used alone (if not, the construction script can be left empty, and the “color” variable in the pawn can be deleted from it, the function will be called by the master):

The function is called inside the master construction script :

You need to cast to the child class using the “Child Actor” node (grab the component to the grid, then grab from it and look for “child actor”) :