[Need Help] Overlap event detection problem

I’m trying to make a sphere detection around the dino

I added a sphere component, make it collision profile custom, change collision to (no physical collision), then check box at ignore everything beside overlap pawn and dinopawn
Then I added the OnComponentOverlapBegin, print out the component name

It’s working (print out player pawn as i enter the sphere)
However, whenever i do melee attack inside the sphere, the dino got hit to (melee the air inside the sphere) - and start to chase me as i was attacking it

Is there a way to make it “NOT” detect the melee inside the sphere? I try to put the check all the ignore box (the detection stop working) but i can still melee the dino as long i’m inside the sphere. The only way for melee not trigger is set the collision to no collision (but it will make overlap detection stop working as well)

Anyone can help me with this?

im pretty sure everything u put in is a child of the root and the root is the dino?

if it helps

ya … as you cant put anything outside it (limitation right now)
Will try to go through the document once i get home