Need Help Optimizing My Game

Hello All!

I’m working on a large landscape 16[SUP]2[/SUP] Km. On epic I am able to pull around 50fps, however, I want to get that sitting at around 60-80 fps. Below are my computer specs. Attached are a few screen shots showing off the project as well as some stat windows. Any help or guidance would be amazing!


Other useful information…
I am using world composition. 16 1km by 1km chunks
I have culling set for everything
I have lowered tessellation on my ground material
I have gotten rid of most of the high LOD shadows
I have extreme LOD on everything, 1 then .95 then .85 then .8 for screen % on most things

Things I know about, but I don’t know how to do…
I know that mipmapping would help a little bit, but I have no idea how to do it.

Computer Specs…
I5 6500 CPU 3.20 hz
8 gbs of ram ddr3
GTX 960

Thank you so much for your help ^^

follow this doc. it has some good pro tips

I’ve started to apply some of those tips I’ve seen on there.The biggest problem is the mip mapping isn’t really set up and the lod jumps are really large for the trees. So, it looks like those will be my first two areas to tackle

Go for it .:slight_smile: